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    Spanvall Poultry Bedding

    Spanvall is known nationwide for its quality shavings and bedding for all types of animal husbandry.

    We develop constantly and, through sparring with our many customers who own broiler houses and chicken farms both domestically and abroad and whom we advise on both bedding and farm management, we have developed Spanvall Poultry Bedding.

    Spanvall Poultry Bedding is an innovative product which is highly absorbent, and the product is widely recognised by chicken farmers worldwide.


    Spanvall´s the best for horses

    Through many years, Spanvall has supplied shavings to private customers, stud farms, racecourses, riding schools, etc. We participate in many different equine events and, in 2017, we participated in Hillerød Horse Show, amongst others, where we met many of our loyal customers. We were also able to welcome a lot of new customers. The equine world is of great interest to us and we aim to always communicate and spar with both existing and new customers. Whether you keep horses, manage a riding school, arrange equestrian events, etc, you are always welcome to contact us for an informal talk. Whether you use shavings, peat, pellets or another alternative, we are happy to provide advice and find just the right solution for you.

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    About Team Spanvall


    Spanvall imports, produces and supplies bedding for all types of animal husbandry.

    Our customers include private customers, distributors, riding schools, stud farms, large-scale cattle and pig farmers, slaughterhouses and chicken farms worldwide.

    The headquarters of Spanvall are located in Kalundborg, Denmark, and from here we distribute supplies to our loyal customers, both in Denmark, in Europe and worldwide.

    Spanvall places great emphasis on flexibility, and we offer our customers all types of delivery. We deliver both by trailer truck and by ship.

    We have specialised in poultry bedding with our well-known Spanvall Poultry Bedding, which is in demand with chicken farmers all over the world.

    Spanvall offers security of supply by way of several manufacturing plants around the world. Superior quality is a must and, therefore, we continuously control and test our products.