Dairy Cow Bedding

Orange Spanvall


If you have cattle, Orange Spanvall is the perfect cow bedding choice for your livestock. Orange Spanvall is the best cattle bedding, as it is made from fine wood chips, shavings and sawdust, which stays in the pens when the cattle rummage through it.

Orange Spanvall is manufactured from pure sawdust, which is cleaned and heat-treated. Its structure is fine and soft and by applying fine sawdust, you achieve a higher absorbency, than when using e.g. straw. The high absorbency of fine sawdust provides a dry and warm bed with fewer bacteria and fungi.

The sawdust bedding for cows fixes ammonia and moisture and is cost-effective. Fine Spanvall sawdust is of the highest quality and uniform structure, therefore the best alternative to materials like peat and recycled wood chips that are often for sale despite their disdavantages. The sawdust is free from varnish, glue and foreign substances and is also dust-free. It is the best bedding for dairy cows, as well as for beef cattle, show cattle and calves etc.

Application of Orange Spanvall

Note that ORANGE Spanvall is widely used in the transport of livestock.

The sawdust stays in place and does not ”blow about” as shavings of a coarser structure are prone to do, which makes the sawdust very suited as bedding for livestock transports.

  • When used for cattle, scrape off the stalls on a daily basis
  • When used for cattle, approximately 500 g bedding in each stall is recommended
  • Lay out bedding at least once every day
  • Clean walkways as required
  • Poultry as required

Advantages of Orange Spanvall

  • Fewer bacteria
  • Fewer illnesses
  • Fixes ammonia and moisture
  • Heat-treated
  • Cost-effective
  • Dust-free
  • Gentle to the hock of cattle

Technical Specifications

  • Approximate kg per unit 22 kg
  • 30 bales per pallet
  • Structure, fine sawdust
  • Material, Softwood

Spanvall Tørvemix


Tørvemix is a mix of sawdust and fine peat in fractions of 0 to 20mm. The bedding has proved particularly suitable for cattle due to the special mix of peat and sawdust, which forms a very dry base. Is also suitable for horses and poultry.

Application of Spanvall Tørvemix

Spanvall Tørvemix is used primarily for deep bedding for cattle.

Advantages of Spanvall Tørvemix

  • High absorbency, which fixes ammonia
  • Healthy and good indoor climate
  • Cost-effective
  • The base adjusts to the individual cow.
  • The base evens out after the cow has left

Technical Specifications

  • Approximately 850 kg per Big Bag

Spanvall Tørv (Spanvall Peat)


Peat has a very high absorbency and goes a long way. The low pH-value of the peat contributes to fixing the smell of ammonia. This provides an improved stable climate without dust and odour nuisances. Peat bedding also works really well as a deep bedding for cattle, as it forms a firm, springy and heat-insulating base.

Application of Spanvall Tørv

The peat is used as required.


  • High absorbency capacity, up to ten times its own weight at 35 percent humidity
  • Firm, springy and heat-insulating base
  • Fixes ammonia
  • Minimal consumption, as the peat will need replacing less often
  • Less requirement for additional treatment and less space required for storage and dung heap
  • Quickly composted into valuable garden compost
  • Good stable climate for animals and people

 Technical specifications

35 kg +/- 10 percent
18 bales per pallet
100 percent unmixed peat