Spanvall Bedding is a Patented product consisting a mix of wood shavings and plant fibers

Mix of wood shavings and plant fibers

The particle size is uniquely compounded and sifted multiple times to achieve optimum absorbency. The bedding comprises a controlled moisture content.


  • 100 percent dust free
  • No crusting, as is the case with e.g. unmixed peat
  • Marked reduction in the scalding of pads

  • Approved as organic bedding

  • 100 percent dust-free on application
  • High absorbency capacity

  • Low pH-value = low bacterial growth

  • Good bearing strength

  • Ensures optimum humidity on the introduction of a fresh brood of chicken

  • Labour-saving as the product is easily applied and as no additional watering of the bedding is required due to the natural moisture content of the product.