Orange Spanvall orangespaaner-520x800-1

About Orange Spanvall

If you have cattle, Orange Spanvall is the perfect bedding choice for your livestock. Orange Spanvall is ideal bedding for cattle, as it is a fine sawdust, which stays in the pens when the cattle rummage through it. Orange Spanvall is manufactured from pure sawdust, which is cleaned and heat-treated. Its structure is fine and soft and by applying fine sawdust, you achieve a higher absorbency, than when using e.g. straw. The high absorbency of fine sawdust provides a dry and warm bed with fewer bacteria and fungi. The sawdust fixes ammonia and moisture and is cost-effective. Fine Spanvall sawdust is of the highest quality and uniform structure. The sawdust is free from varnish, glue and foreign substances and is also dust-free.

Application of Orange Spanvall

Note that ORANGE Spanvall is widely used in the transport of livestock.

The sawdust stays in place and does not ”blow about” as shavings of a coarser structure are prone to do, which makes the sawdust very suited as bedding for livestock transports.

• When used for cattle, scrape off the stalls on a daily basis
• When used for cattle, approximately 500 g bedding in each stall is recommended
• Lay out bedding at least once every day
• Clean walkways as required
• Poultry as required

Advantages of Orange Spanvall

• Fewer bacteria
• Fewer illnesses
• Fixes ammonia and moisture
• Heat-treated
• Cost-effective
• Dust-free
• Gentle to the hock of cattle

Technical Specifications

• approximate kg per unit 22 kg
• 30 bales per pallet
• Structure, fine sawdust
• Material, Softwood

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    Spanvall Tørvemix  spanvallpoultry-bedding-520x800-1-300x195

    About Tørvemix

    Tørvemix is a mix of sawdust and fine peat in fractions of 0 to 20mm. The bedding has proved particularly suitable for cattle due to the special mix of peat and sawdust, which forms a very dry base. Is also suitable for horses and poultry.

    Application of Spanvall Tørvemix

    Spanvall Tørvemix is used primarily for deep bedding for cattle.

    Advantages of Spanvall Tørvemix

    • High absorbency, which fixes ammonia
    • Healthy and good indoor climate
    • Cost-effective
    • The base adjusts to the individual cow.
    • The base evens out after the cow has left

    Technical Specifications

    • Approximately 850 kg per Big Bag

    Peat as deep bedding toervestroeelse-520x800-1

    About Spanvall Tørv (Spanvall Peat)

    Peat has a very high absorbency and goes a long way. The low pH-value of the peat contributes to fixing the smell of ammonia. This provides an improved stable climate without dust and odour nuisances. Peat bedding also works really well as a deep bedding for cattle, as it forms a firm, springy and heat-insulating base.

    Application of Spanvall Tørv

    The peat is used as required.


    • High absorbency capacity, up to ten times its own weight at 35 percent humidity
    • Firm, springy and heat-insulating base
    • Fixes ammonia
    • Minimal consumption, as the peat will need replacing less often
    • Less requirement for additional treatment and less space required for storage and dung heap
    • Quickly composted into valuable garden compost
    • Good stable climate for animals and people

     Technical specifications

    35 kg +/- 10 percent
    18 bales per pallet
    100 percent unmixed peat