World Class Bedding – since 1969

Spanvall is a family-owned bedding company whose origins dates back to 1969, when the company’s founder Kaj Østergaard, who was involved in the broiler business, needed bedding for his own consumption.

Since then, we have placed our trust in our patented broiler bedding, which is uniquely composed and sieved several times to achieve the optimum absorbency – a characteristic that provides the bedding with a controlled moisture content.

When Kaj Østergaard’s descendent, Jacob Østergaard, took over the company in 2014, we have remained true to our founding principles of being a family-owned business. Our core values as a family-owned business serve as the foundation for our engagement with our employees and partners around the world.

Today, our family business has expanded internationally and we are now operating in a wide variety of markets across the world, supplying high-quality bedding for all kinds, including pigs, cattle, horses, and broilers.

We are more than just a bedding manufacturer; we are a global leader in corporate responsibility who innovates sustainable solutions for the benefit of animal welfare. As a result, we are continually seeking to increase our expertise and knowledge in the world of farming, which we enthusiastically share with farmers worldwide.